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What is Preferred Health Insurance Solutions?
Preferred Health Insurance Solutions is a national enrollment firm specializing in Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment options. We work with consumers to determine their subsidy eligibility, review benefits and plans that will meet their healthcare needs and get them enrolled for coverage. Our Call Center is staffed with multi-lingual and licensed health insurance agents who also are certified on the exchange.
What is an Open Enrollment Period (OEP)?
What is a Special Enrollment Period (SEP)?
What is COBRA?
Where can I get Insurance?
What if I don’t apply for health insurance?
What determines subsidy eligibility?
How will I know what my income will be for next year?
What carriers are participating in the Affordable Care Act?
What do I do when my company cancels my insurance?
Can I get health insurance now if my policy is cancelled?
I need replacement health insurance coverage.
In 2021, will an employee's nonworking spouse be eligible for premium credits or subsidies on the Exchange if (1) the employee's employer does not offer medical coverage to employee's spouse or (2) the employer offers medical coverage to the employee's spouse, but does not pay for any portion of the premium for such spouse's coverage?
Will ACA subsidies be extended for 2025?

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Preferred Health Insurance Solutions disclaims any affiliation with any governmental agency.
We are a source for you to obtain health insurance, both on and off the marketplace, with national and regional health insurance carriers across the country. We have been in health insurance since the 1990’s, our multi-lingual company is staffed with licensed and certified agents who will answer your questions and help you through the enrollment process. We will help you determine what subsidy you may qualify for, explain benefits, advise you of complicated insurance issues, help you shop for the right plan that meets your specific needs, and enroll you for coverage. You can expect “Quality Service from Caring Professionals”.