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  • Experienced licensed insurance agents who are registered with the Federally Facilitated and State Marketplaces.
  • We work with consumers to determine their subsidy eligibility, review benefits and help them enroll in the plan that will meet their individual healthcare needs
  • We offer affordable health plans to choose from including.
Short Term Major Medical
Critical Illness
Disability Income
Dental Plus Vision and Hearing
Accident Hospital
Fixed Indemnity Security
and more ...
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PHISOnline.com can help Individuals and Families!
Preferred Health Insurance Solutions (PHISOnline.com) makes it easy for individuals to enroll in the Health Insurance Marketplace.
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PHISOnline.com can help Employers and Organizations
The advent of the Health Insurance Marketplace is an extraordinary opportunity for subsidy eligible individuals and part time employees to obtain health insurance at a low cost in many scenarios.
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With our help, your clients will have a clear outline and understanding of coverage options available and of Government Premium subsidies.
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Whether you are an individual, employer, agent, broker, association or organization you can feel confident navigating the Health Insurance Exchange.

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